Last Bag by Equpd
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The Last Bag by Eqpd


The last bag you ever thought you’d be raving about.  Carrying groceries, hauling wood, toting vegetables from the farmers market, collecting leaves in the yard — all that and it is stylish!  My friend Judy is thinking about using it to hold the muddy boots in the back of the car on the way home from a particularly sloppy hike.
The best part is a quick hose-down cleans it up and off you go again!



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As the cool guys in Twisp, WA say, this bag is designed to live long and carry lots. Don’t be afraid to haul the heaviest loads with just one handle, or set down onto wet ground. The Last Bag is built with a single piece of our most durable and waterproof #3 Coated Fabric. Two side seams and a folded bottom keep out weather and ensure the bag stands upright and open. The reinforced handle is padded and easy to grab.  Fold flat like a paper bag to store in your luggage, car, or backpack. Use freely and for everything.

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